MoonPunk is a Powered by the Apocalypse roleplaying game about punks fighting fascism on a dystopian moon. Available exclusively on!

Moonpunk: now available!

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MoonPunk awarded Electrum Bestseller

new microrpg: the game Developers!

moonpunk trapped in the eyeball zone

Whaaaat? Thanks to everyone who helped MoonPunk become an Electrum Bestseller with 250+ sales! That puts MoonPunk in the top 7.31% of all games sold on the site. Dang.

Wannabe Games' newest microgame is here! The Game Developers is a satirical work-from-home web-conferencing LARP designed to be played in a 40-minute Zoom call. It's available for FREE on DriveThruRPG and

Youtuber Thought Slime's latest video "Fake Economies in Minecraft" featured MoonPunk during the Eyeball Zone segment. Watch the video here!