Jess is a queer, bisexual writer, educator, and game master extraordinaire. She's the daughter of a UAW member and strongly believes in workers' rights and the dignity and value of all people. She loves LARP and RPGs and has always been an avid gamer.


In addition to her work at Wannabe Games, Jess has writing credits in Baker Street: Sherlock by Gaslight, Baker Street Casebooks 2 and 3, Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood, and Hood: Adventures Beyond the Forest.


Jess is a fiend at pub trivia, great at karaoke, and is currently perfecting the cheesecake.

Jess's hair is currently purple.

Jessica Geyer (@jawska)

Alex flailed around for awhile and at 23 found himself as the General Manager of a bar that sold the most Coors Lite in the world. He found that to be a source of overwhelming ennui and later ran several successful leftist political campaigns after the 2016 presidental elections; increasing environmental protections and the expansion of voter rights. His first dip in making games was beta testing old flash games and modding Morrowind. 


Alex is the best Mario Party player in the world (citation needed), really likes 80's pop, and has been on the rooftop of every building he has ever worked in.

Alex's hair is currently a mohawk.

Alex Sprague (@kittycrusade)

Baldur is a certified good boy. He is able to find food on every walk he has ever gone on (how?) and knows how to roll over all the way but refuses to on principle.


He was adopted on Thanksgiving of 2013 and is currently 7 years old. He's a black lab Airedale terrier mix.


Baldur is currently learning to play hide & seek.

Baldur (@baldurino)