A work-from-home web-conferencing LARP


Take the role of a game developer with no time, no plan, and a giant ego. This party game allows the players to compete and cooperate to make some of the worst game ideas of all time.


This satirical game has a 40 minute time limit, and requires only some extremely complicated technology to set up a web-conferencing group (like a phone).

10 Paces brings Wannabe Games flair to the western world. This game uses Wannabe Games' Pace Die system.


10 Paces is a simple and flexible game that allows players to pick up and start playing in just a few minutes.


You can watch us create this game here.

The King's Road is the perfect game to pass the time on the way to the next big convention. Your duty as a noble of this land is to represent yourself to the King as the greatest of the noble houses, as such you will need things to show off.  Acquire these through various means such as spotting cows, getting semis to honk for you, and singing along to the radio. The best player will be awarded the High Commanders seat of power and the right to the Royal Aux Cord.


You can watch us create this game here.

A game of unfolding personalities. You are stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. The crash landing has left you with mild amnesia, and you are slowly unfolding bits and pieces of who you are.


The only things you need to play are players, pencils, and paper.

In Some Assembly Required, you play as action figures pitted against household dangers like pets, people, and other playthings.


Are you a superhero, a soldier, an alien, or something else? And just how durable is your plastic?


You can watch us create this game here.

So Here's The Plan is Wannabe Games homage to the heist. Form a crew, make a plan, and pull off the crime of the century. Dodge through lasers, wear disguises and blow open a safe for a chance to strike it rich. 

Included is a map and instructions for a heist using this system, a heist to steal the Declaration Of Independence. 


You can watch us create this game here.

Roll to Yeet brings Wannabe Games flair to a universe where slang is magick. Use and misuse slang in creative ways to personify the Gen Z and Millennial rebellion against the Boomer menace. Then Yeet them.

We finished this game in a McDonald's on the way to Origins Game Fair (or Gen Con? I can't remember.)

Jess asked her students what the cool Gen Z slang words were, and she's pretty sure they lied about some of them.

Quest For The Belt: Fantasy Fighting Federation is a 1-page RPG that brings the biggest Fantasy Fighting Federation event of all time to your town.


Wannabe Games presents your chance at the championship belt! Persevere through multiple fights and all the drama of the wrestling world on your Quest For The Belt.

No, I'm the chosen one! is Wannabe Games newest GM-less, competitive, story-driven game that only requires D6 to play.


Players go on an adventure while competing to embody a prophecy that will declare them the chosen one. Throw narrative twists, slip opponents death dice, and use the council of fates to your advantage to cast away the heretics you game with!

My Mecha Has Shark Arms is Wannabe Games' second ever game. It introduces our Pace Die system


My Mecha has Shark Arms is a mech-merging, kaiju-punching cooperative RPG. Link up with your friends to form up into one big mecha. In this quick action RPG, you have to roll in rhythm with your other crew members and attempt to take down increasingly difficult kaiju.


You can watch us create this game here.

A social deduction game for 5-15 people. The cult of the magic 8-ball is about passing new tenets and making heretics drink the deadly blue liquid. Quick to learn and adjustable to just about any group size or style.


Comes with a free drink recipe for the blue liquid!

Random by Day, Super by Night is as much about creating a superhero as it is playing as one. (Seriously: even if you don't play the game, just roll up a character. It's fun.)


Like all of the greatest superheroes, you get your powers by accident and roll for them accordingly. There are over 3 million possible combinations!


Sometimes fate makes you into Superman, and sometimes you have to fake it as Aquaman.

Oops! All GMs is a big change of pace, turning the normal game on its head by having many GMs play with a singular player.


Using Wannabe Games' Pace Die system the game takes narrative role play and mixes it with a push you luck mechanic. All of the GMs play as a musical supergroup that refuses to play their next gig before the player solves all of their little problems. These can range from the wrong colored M&M's to being in jail.

Let's Be Grandma is Wannabe Games' first ever game! Play grandmas on grandma adventures, like getting people to eat your potato salad during the church potluck or saving the queen from an assassination plot.


This game is similar to Lasers and Feelings and All Outta Bubblegum. It's fun, quirky, and has pockets full of hard candy. Just be careful--once you lose the respect of all your grandchildren, YOU ARE NO LONGER A GRANDMA.

666: The Devil's in the Dice Rolls allows you to sell your soul to Wannabe Games for a chance at playing a new game... just joking.


Players take a pact with the devil to try to right a wrong in their life. Yet every roll gives the devil a chance to claim your soul. Any time a player rolls 6 6 6, the devil's grip on your immortal soul tightens.


(We are particularly proud of the pun, thanks for wondering.)

Rush home from school to make sure you don’t miss this Very Special Episode where you play as a character in an after-school special. Act out scenes of peer pressure and scandal with your friends, as threats such as “Marijuana,” “Dungeons & Dragons,” and “Satanic rock and roll” invade your social circle. You can just say No, or you can get hysterical and tell everyone your Uncle cut off someone's head after smoking pot just one time.


This game is GM-less!

3 Threads is an RPG exploring the monomyth and oral history. This was made as part of the FolkLore Jam on itch.io. It is designed to be played with 3 players and 1 storyteller.  Gameplay allows the players to make choices that will influence events and change how they will be remembered. This adventure includes a stitched together epic poem based on the decisions and deeds the players make. Requires 3D6. This adventure is a standalone game that includes mechanics and story with minimal preparation required.

Contractually Obligated to be EXTREME: An Action Hero RPG: brings the high octane on-screen adventures to the tabletop world. Players vie for top billing in their very own action movie, while failing forward by renegotiating their contract with the producer.


Bring your favorite tropes into the fold and create an action-packed blockbuster of your dreams.

Badge Buddies is an easy to learn 1-page RPG about being a Buddy Cop. Solve crimes and pull off daring deeds with your diametrically opposed partner. Play as a loose cannon cop with nothing to lose or the veteran 2 days from retirement.


The important thing is to say cool 1-liners before you try anything too wild, and no matter what, you have to solve the case!